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PS Ball

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  • MaterialMolten slag


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

What is PS Ball ?
PS Ball is environment-friendly product with stable molecular structure from molten slag generated a steelmaking process at steel melting shop.
Characteristics Comparison Chart

Classification PS Ball Silica Garnet Glass Bead Steel Ball
Actual Specific Gravity 3.45 2.62 4.2 2.6 7.2
Mohs Hardness 7.5 5.5 7.5 5 8.5
Rockwell Hardness (HRC) 43 30 40 28 50
Brightness  (quality grade) Very good Poor Good Normal Very good
Reusability 1-3 times One time 2-4 times One time 5-7 times

Diversified Applications of PS Ball

1. Abrasive Blasting Material
One of the major application area of PS Ball in Korea is Abrasive Blasting Material.
PS Ball can be used as a substitute for Garnet or Copper Slag and sometimes it can be used as a substitute for Steel Ball.

2. Weight Material
PS Ball is heavier than sand, therefore it can be used as a mixing material in a counter balance.

3. Casting Sand
PS Ball can be used as Casting Sand for the casting of nonferrous metals, with its special properties such as hardness, spherical shape, uniformed size and permeable effect. \

4. Water treatment
With its uniform and spherical shape, PS Ball can be used as filtration media for recycling treatment of industrial waste water. It has been proved to have higher efficiency than river sand for pollution removal.

5. Roofing Granules
PS Ball can be used widely as high resistant granules to produce asphalt roofing shingles. It has been proved that the appearance and useful life of shingles applied with PS Ball are better than crushed rock.

6. Non-slip Material
PS Ball has the property of high coefficient of friction and high resistant to slip.
By applying it for the covering on the road, non-slip effect can be achieved greatly with durability of abrasion.

7. Reinforcement  Material
Due to its special property of coherence with asphalt or concrete, and durability of abrasion, PS Ball can be used as Repair or Reinforcement Material with high efficiency.

8. Poly-concrete Material
PS Ball can be used as one of the main material for the production of Poly-concrete products. Using its property of cement-friendly, low water absorption and hardness, excellent Poly-con product can be made with big cost saving.

9. Sand-pile Material
For hardening of the ground of seashore or riverside, usually sand has been applied for pumping water. Using PS Ball, it can be done with high efficiency due to PS Ball’s property of hardness, uniform and spherical shape.

10. Road Pavement Material
  ⅰ) For Concrete Road
       Concrete mixture using PS Ball can reduce the cost of cement and chemical admixture.
       Besides, the durability will be highly increased.
  ⅱ) For Asphalt Road
       Black color of road can last longer using PS ball than conventional road, and  the durability will be increased remarkably.

11. Permeable Reactive Material
Utilizing the properties of its hardness, uniform and spherical shape, PS Ball can be used as Permeable Reactive Material in waste (food or garbage) dumping area.



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